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The BIAA’s New Home: One Year On

The BIAA’s New Home: One Year On

The BIAA's recent move to new premises in Ankara has dramatically improved its ability to host events and workshops, especially through the addition of upgraded conference facilities.  It has also provided enhanced resources for research through a better-equipped library reading room, expanded office space, and reorganised collections. This could not have happened without the generous contribution of the Wolfson Foundation, which aims to support and promote excellence in the fields of science and medicine, the arts and humanities, education and health, and disability.

The new BIAA Wolfson Foundation Conference Room has seen a 52% rise in lecture attendance and has enabled many other activities including the training of local staff, presentations for visiting scholars and students, and hosting meetings with official visitors. 

This means that the BIAA can now host events alongside researchers using our library reading room, which holds some of the largest and most important collections on Turkish archaeology and related subjects.

Find out more about the BIAA's Library and Collections:

Our library reading room received some well-deserved love and attention, with 27 work stations each offering electric sockets, connectivity to Wi-Fi and ample natural light. 

The upgrade is clearly appealing to our users with over 100 new library members since the move!

The BIAA's new offices have become very attractive research spaces, which has resulted in an unprecedented number of internship applications.

The BIAA hosted 10 interns from Bilkent, Hacettepe, Ankara and Gazi universities and from a variety of academic departments ranging from data management to English literature and international relations.

Additionally, the reorganisation of the BIAA collections has attracted an increased number of researchers using the institute's resources. 

Since December 2018, 16 researchers have visited to work on the collections from a variety of Turkish and international universities.

Overall, the move of premises has enhanced the BIAA's functionality and capacity for both engagement and research. 

The BIAA would once again like to thank the Wolfson Foundation for their involvement in making this transition possible.

If you want to visit, use or find out more about any of the new facilities, please contact the team in Ankara:, or keep an eye out for upcoming events on our website!


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