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SARAT Wins a Europa Nostra Award 2020

SARAT Wins a Europa Nostra Award 2020

We congratulate the Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT) Project and Team who have received a Europa Nostra Award 2020 in the category of Education, Training and Awareness-Raising! 

The Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT) Project, led by the BIAA in partnership with Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED) and the International Council of Museums in the UK (ICOM UK), aimed to increase knowledge, capacity, and awareness in relation to protecting Turkey’s archaeological assets by implementing four interconnected activities:

  • Developing and running an online course for heritage and other related professionals on ‘Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets’
  • Conducting Turkey’s first nationwide public opinion survey to investigate the relationship between the public and archaeology, and organizing a series of ‘Archaeology in Local Context’ workshops to share the results with local stakeholders
  • Organising ‘Archaeology Reporting’ workshops for journalists around the country to improve the quality of heritage-related journalism
  • Undertaking interviews with registered antiquities collectors to raise awareness of the destruction caused by looting archaeological objects.

The Jury, who this granted this award, noted that “This is a new and innovative approach to awareness-raising in Turkey. It has approached the problems facing archaeology from diverse perspectives with a focus on education and the media and it has addressed problems relating to archaeology as a discipline and its management. The project’s public focus is excellent and it does this by inquiring about public views and offering training and capacity-building. It has increased the awareness of the complexity and importance of archaeology, contributing to its care and in situ protection. The initiative has effectively changed the media’s language around archaeology for the better. Its impressive numbers and the rapid uptake of participants for all activities is evidence of its success. The multi-disciplinary design team of both academic and non-academic experts ensured that the regionally diverse and inclusive programme was professionally executed and of high-quality”.

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On 11th February 2020, the BIAA hosted an event to share the final results of the SARAT project: Why, How and By Whom? The Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey (SARAT) Project. In this lecture, the results of the 3-year project, as well as its potential to serve as a replicable template for similar initiatives, were presented, with a special focus on the results of the unique nationwide public opinion survey. 

Watch SARAT's Lecture on their final results here.

Even though their project has now ended, the SARAT team has continued to digitally share the unique monuments of Anatolia with its audience through beautiful drawings, as seen below. You can find these posts in Turkish on SARAT's Facebook and Twitter pages, or in English on the BIAA Facebook and Twitter pages.

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