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BIAA Council of Management Officer Appointments

BIAA Council of Management Officer Appointments

During the BIAA's 2020 AGM on Wednesday 9th December, a revised version of the Articles of Association was approved that introduced Deputy Honorary Officer roles to support the Chair, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. All honorary officer appointments are time limited to three year terms, once renewable. Additionally, three Deputy Honorary Officers were appointed, alongside a new Honorary Secretary following the end of Shahina Farid’s six-year term.

Dr Warren Eastwood is a biogeographer and palaeoecologist who researches past environmental change in the eastern Mediterranean region, who has worked with the BIAA for many years, and will take over the position of Honorary Secretary. Warren Eastwood is a specialist in environmental science, conducting interdisciplinary work with historians and archaeologists with a historical perspective. His primary interests include historical environmental and landscape change via analysis of pollen and spores, microfossils and charcoal recovered from lake sediments, and climate change via stable isotope analysis and the impact of volcanic eruptions (tephrology).

Dr Natalie Martin, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham, will take over the role of Deputy Honorary Secretary. Her research focuses on the politics of Turkey and the surrounding region, especially Turkey-EU relations, including policy towards the Kurds, issues raised by the 2015 migration crisis, and the state of news media freedom. Dr Martin has previously worked as a BBC news producer.

Professor James Crow from Edinburgh University, one of the UK’s leading Byzantine specialists, will take on the role of Deputy Chair. Jim Crow has known the BIAA since his student days. He has conducted field work throughout his career in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. His projects in Turkey have taken him to the east and far north-east regions, following the footsteps of Anthony Bryer, and to Thrace, Constantinople’s western hinterland. However, he is best known for his research and publications on the aqueducts, cisterns and other aspects of the water supply of Constantinople. He has completed many years of service to the Institute on the Council and as a member of the research committee.

Mr Kamram Hashemi joins the team of officers as Deputy Honorary Treasurer. Kamram has worked in investment banking in London for thirty years. He is a long-standing supporter of educational and charitable organisations engaged in civil and community issues, and legal support for asylum seekers in London. He is a board member of Arseh Sevom, an NGO promoting civil society and human rights in Iran. He has been shadowing the Honorary Treasurer in recent months as he gets to know the BIAA. 

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