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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Lisa French

BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Lisa French

Elizabeth (Lisa) Bayard French (19 January 1931 – 10 June 2021) recently passed away peacefully in Cambridge after a short illness. Lisa married David French in 1959, having met him in 1956 during a Mycenae study season. When David French became director of the British Institute at Ankara in 1968, Lisa and their daughters Ann and †Catharine accompanied him. After their marriage ended, Lisa remained an indispensable academic partner to David up to the end of his life. 

Lisa then became Warden of Ashburne Hall, University of Manchester in 1976. She held this position until she became the 17th director of the British School at Athens in October 1989, 75 years after her father had held the same position. Lisa was the first woman to hold the post. After the directorship at Athens, Lisa moved to Cambridge in 1994, where she actively participated in academic life until the very end of her life. The BIAA would like to offer its sincere condolences to Lisa’s family.

For a substantial obituary, please check the BSA’s website.

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