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BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Cyril Mango

BIAA Condolences Message for the Death of Cyril Mango

With great sadness, the BIAA notes the death of the eminent Byzantinist Cyril Mango. Born in Istanbul in 1928 to Greek and Russian parents, he was educated at Galatasaray Lisesi and the University of St Andrews, when Oxford and Cambridge colleges were filled with wartime ex-servicemen. While still an undergraduate, he published his first article on the Byzantine Inscriptions of Constantinople in the American Journal of Archaeology. He went on to study for a doctorate in Paris on the Great Palace in Constantinople, then spent over a decade in the Centre for Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, throughout this time active in the Centre’s major Byzantine projects in Istanbul. In 1963 he was appointed to the Koraes Chair at King’s College, London, and from 1973-1995 to the Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature at the University of Oxford.

His research spanned all aspects of Byzantine Studies, and his linguistic skills ensured an unrivalled command of the subject’s range of sources. His significant publications encompass history, art history and architecture. Outside of Istanbul he carried out field research in Cyprus and Yugoslavia and travelled extensively throughout Turkey, documenting monuments especially in the Tur Abdin and the south-east. He recognised the potential of archaeological excavation and was instrumental in encouraging Martin Harrison to initiate excavations at Amorion, later continued by Chris Lightfoot and now, Zeliha Demirel Gökalp. However, his enduring legacy will be his studies of his native city, to be crowned by a forthcoming magnum opus on the urban development of Byzantine Constantinople. The BIAA's thoughts are with his family and friends.

Photo from his 70th birthday courtesy of William Saunders 

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