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WORKSHOP: Protection Of Cultural Heritage in Emergency Situations
ANKARA | Erimtan Museum  
15-16 June 2017

Key-note by Prof. Peter Stone (Newcastle University). Opening speeches by Lutgarde Vandeput (BIAA) and Melik Ayaz (General Directorate of Monuments and Museums)

An event organised in collaboration between The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA), the American Research Institute in Turkey – Ankara (ARIT), the US Embassy in Ankara and the General Directorate for Heritage and Museums of the TC Ministry of Culture and Tourism... see programme and more>>    Listen to audio recordings of Panels >>

Keywords: Cultural Heritage Management 

PANEL: The Cyprus Peace Talks: Prospects & Challenges in a Post-Referendum Period
ANKARA | The British Institute at Ankara, Tahran Caddesi 24, Çankaya. 
14 April 2017

PANELISTS: Esra Çuhadar Associate Professor, Bilkent University, Neophytos Loizides Professor, University of Kent, Leonidas Karakatsanis  Assistant Director, BIAA (Chair)

This panel considered the effects of an unprecedented upsurge in decision making through referendums that affected all major ‘players’ historically involved in the Cyprus issue: Greece (bailout referendum 2015), UK (Brexit referendum 2016) and Turkey (presidential system referendum).... see more>>   Listen to audio recording >>

Keywords: Contemporary Turkish Politics, Cyprus issue, Referendum, Conflict transformation

The British Empire & the Turkish Republic in the 20s & 30s

CAMBRIDGE | Churchill College, Cambrige, 31 March - 1 April 2017
Part of the BIAA-led From Enemies to Allies Project

With a key note Lecture by Dilek Barlas (Koç University)

The 2nd workshop of the project Turkey and Britain 1914-1952: From Enemies to Allies dealt with Anglo-Turkish relations in the mid-war period | see programme

Keywords: Late Ottoman and Modern Turkish History (19th Century - 1930), Diplomatic History, International Relations

BIAA PANEL: “Peace at home and peace abroad”: can Turkey recapture Ataturk’s guiding principle?
LONDON | The British Academy 
09 March 2017

Panelists: Professor Meliha Altunışık )Middle East Technical University, Ankara), Professor Rosemary Hollis (City, Universityof London), Sir David Logan (chair - was the UK Ambassador in Ankara from 1997–2001) See more>>

Keywords: Contemporary Turkish Politics, Foreign policy and diplomacy, The Middle East


BIAA LECTURE: Dangers of Cinema: Films and Moral Discourse in the late Ottoman Empire
by Özde Çeliktemel-Thomen (UCL | Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry)
Discussant: Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Gürata, Bilkent University

ANKARA | The British Institute at Ankara | 31 May 2017

Within late Ottoman society, early cinema created concerns in relation to films’ political content, obscenity and exhibition venues and practices, among other issues. Based upon her Ph.D research, Çeliktemel-Thomen shared her new findings regarding the discourses and practices of the Ottoman dominant class (bureaucrats, elite and intellectuals) over children and women spectators...  Read more>> 

Keywords: Late Ottoman and Early Republican History / Cinema / Social History

Oliver Gurney Memorial Lecture - Sacred Landscapes and Alalakh
by Professor Dr. K. Aslıhan Yener (The Oriental Institute)
LONDON | The British Academy  
18 May 2017

Tell Atchana, (ancient Alalakh), is well suited to contribute to the topic of ritual landscapes. We are particularly interested in the introduction of new cults and their associated rituals in the international Late Bronze Age, when many foreign contacts and eventually foreign overlords such as the Hittites affected local society on many levels.  This lecture will focus on newly excavated contexts and dating, sacred architecture, new seals, and burial practices...  Read more>> 

Keywords: Late Bronze Age Archaeology / Rituals

BIAA LECTURE: A New History of Byzantine Ankara
by Prof. Stephen Mithcell (FBA - Chairman of the BIAA)
ANKARA | The Turco-British Association
22 March 2017

The history of Ankara in the Byzantine period has been undeservedly neglected. This lecture, based on largely unpublished new evidence from inscriptions, will provide new evidence for the city's fortifications, the city's history before and during the Arab invasions, and insights into its remarkable development as a leading community in the Christian Byzantine Empire up to the Seljuk period.  

Read more>> | Watch Lecture Online>>

Keywords: Byzantine & Roman Archaeology / Ankara

BIAA LECTURE: Mapping a moment in the Cypriot agricultural landscape: Historical GIS and the fiscal survey of 1572
by Antonis Hadjikyriacou (Assistant Prof. at Boğaziçi Univeristy)
Discussant: Assistant Professor Oktay Özel (Bilkent University)

ANKARA | The British Institute at Ankara, Tahran Caddesi 24, Çankaya.
22 March 2017

The lecture presents the research outcomes of the recently completed “Mediterranean Insularities: MedIns” project (2014-16) at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS/FORTH). The project employed Historical GIS methods for geo-spatial and statistical analysis, and cartographic representation of the 1572 mufassal defteri, the first detailed Ottoman fiscal survey of Cyprus. Read more>> | Watch Lecture Online>>

Keywords: Ottoman History / Social & Economic History / Cyprus / GIS

BIAA LECTURE: Carved in Stone - Reflectance Transformation Imaging for Heritage Conservation
by Alan M. Greaves (University of Liverpool) and Yiğit Erbil (Hacettepe University)
ANKARA | The British Institute at Ankara, Tahran Caddesi 24, Çankaya.
24 February 2017

This lecture introduced RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging), a lightweight user-friendly technology that uses digital photographs to create highly detailed interactive digital images of artefacts and monuments. The aim of the project is to train members of the Turkish heritage community in the technology and provide technical support to projects recording stone reliefs and inscriptions across Turkey. Read more>>

Keywords: Archaeology - Digital Methods / Cultural Heritage Management / Preservation

BIAA LECTURE (Contemporary Turkey Series)
In Search of the “Real” Turkish football
by John McManus (BIAA)
Discussant: Assoc. Prof. Özgehan Şenyuva (METU)
ANKARA | The British Institute at Ankara, Tahran Caddesi 24, Çankaya.
15 February 2017

Turkey is a football-mad nation. Ninety per cent of all citizens are self-confessed fans of the sport, which frequently intersects with debates about social class, politics, community and identity. The talk takes a sideways look at recent events in Turkey through the country's favourite sport and one of it's famous figures: Fatih Terim. Based on John McManus’ forthcoming book, the talk explore what football and its protagonists can teach us about discourses of culture and belonging -- about politics, civil society, gender, minorities, and Turkey's often puzzling relationships with Europe. Read more>>

Keywords: Contemporary Turkey / Anthropology of Sports / Culture and Politics

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Innovation, Interaction & Interconnection in the Taurus-Zagros Arc and beyond 10,000-5,000

ANKARA | Middle East Technical University, 10-11 December 2016
Organised by Dr Cameron Petrie and the the British Institute of Persian Studies, held in collaboration with the British Institute at Ankara, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq and the Council for British Research in the Levant.

Innovation, Interaction & Interconnection in the Taurus-Zagros Arc and Beyond 10,000-5000 BC is a collaborative workshop being presented as part of the Ancient Iran and Its Neighbours in Pre- and Early-History archaeological research programme. Read More>>

Keywords: Pre- and Early-History Archaeology, Taurus-Zagros Arc, Collaboration of British Institutes

Social Media in Turkey: Uses and impacts in Social and Political Life
Middle East Technical University, 09 April 2016
Co-organised by the BIAA and the Social Anthropology Graduate Program of the Middle East Technical University.
With a Key-note Lecture by Daniel Miller (UCL) - Watch Lecture online>>

The workshop brought together different research on the uses and consequences of social media in Turkey. The papers illustrated different forms of usage of social media and their social and political implications addressing the questions: What is the impact of social media on people’s relationships? Have social media reinforced or reduced social inequalities?.... See more>>

Keywords: Modern Turkey (1990-today), Social Anthropology, Political Science, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.)

From Enemies to Allies: Turkey and Britain during WWI
ANKARA | USAK, 1-2 April 2016
Organised by the the BIAA in collaboration with USAK
A Workshop part of the BIAA project From Enemies to Allies

With a key note Lecture by Eugene Rogan (St Antony's College, University of Oxford)

The workshop dealt with Anglo-Turkish relations in the late Ottoman period, the political transformation of Turkish society resulting from the Young Turk movement and militarization, and the ethnic, religious and cultural politics of the WW1 period... Read more>> |  Download Conference Report

Keywords: Late Ottoman and Modern Turkish History (19th Century - 1930), Diplomatic History, International Relations


BIAA LECTURE (Contemporary Turkey Series)
URBAN HERITAGE SITE as an OPEN LAB: Exploring Climate Responsive Urban Design through the Case of Mardin
By Ender Peker (BIAA)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anlı Ataöv (METU)
ANKARA | Çankaya Belediyesi Çağdaş Sanatlar Merkezi 
14 December 2016

A comparative study between the Old and New Towns in the province of Mardin, gives an opportunity to explore the clues (socio-physical markers) of an efficient use of natural assets and smart strategies to prevent negative conditions of extreme climate conditions in urban life.  Read more>> 
Watch Lecture Online >>

Keywords: City Planning & Urban Design / Thermal Comfort / Contemporary Turkey

BIAA LECTURE: Miletus ‐ New Research on the urban space of an ancient commercial metropolis
By Christof Berns 

ANKARA | Turco-British Association 
12 December 2016

The event was supported by the German Embassy to Turkey 

A new research project of Ruhr-Universität Bochum focusses on Humeitepe, a wide but hitherto scarcely studied area of the ancient commercial metropolis Miletus. The aim is to better understand the long-term settlement history of the city and its urban organization. Read more>> 
Watch Lecture Online >>

Keywords: Archaeology / Ancient Miletus

Houses and skulls, households and corporate groups - Boncuklu

By Douglas Baird 

LONDON | The British Academy
24 November 2016

Professor Douglas Baird is a specialist in Near Eastern prehistory, researching the development of the first sedentary communities and their transformation into early complex societies. Ten years of excavation at Boncuklu, 9.5 kms north of Çatalhöyük in the Konya Plain of central Anatolia, have provided new insights into the spread of farming in the early Neolithic in Anatolia, the significance of its adoption for forager communities, and the development of associated ritual practice. Read more>>
Watch Lecture Online >>

Keywords: Archaeology / Neolithic period,  Boncuklu Höyük

Archaeological Heritage Management: Along the Silk Roads in the 21st Century

By Tim Williams
LONDON | The British Academy
29 September 2016

Tim Williams. Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London & Editor-in-Chief of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites. Background in urban archaeologyThe lecture explores different approaches to valuing heritage, community and interest groups involvement, conservation, presentation, and the influence of any interventions on contemporary perceptions of the past. These issues are illustrated with case studies drawn from along the Silk Roads, including a number of sites in Turkey. Read more>>
Watch Lecture online >> 

Keywords: Cultural Heritage Management; Archaeology

The Mesopotamia Campaign from both sides of the trenches, 1914 - 1917
By Eugene Rogan
LONDON | The British Academy
10 May 2016

Eugene Rogan is Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History at the University of Oxford, and Director of the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College. He is author of The Arabs: A History (2009) and The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East (2015). The Ottomans and the Anglo–Indian Army both approached Mesopotamia as hostile terrain. This lecture explores the common experiences of all soldiers who fought on the Mesopotamian front, a campaign which marked the end of… Read more>>
Watch lecture online >>

Keywords: Late Ottoman and Modern Turkish History, WW1 Eastern Front

Negotiating cultural landscape(s): towards a management plan for Çaltılar Höyük

by B. Nilgün Öz (BIAA-RCAC Fellow)
ANKARA | The Turco British Association
07 April 2016

Researched by an international multi-disciplinary team, Çaltılar Höyük and its environs in the highlands of Fethiye, Muğla, are testament to millennia of continuous habitation. Today this tangible cultural landscape is increasingly shaped by modern practices of seasonal migration, an abundance of greenhouses creating new livelihoods, and a seemingly uncontrollable proliferation of quarrying. Read more >>

Keywords: Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management.

Alternative Universalisms? Contemporary Turkish discourses on culture in International Relations

by Dr. Katerina Dalacoura (LSE)
Discussant: Dr. İlker Aytürk (Bilkent University)

ANKARA | The Turkish-American Association, Ankara
24 March 2016

Building on a long intellectual tradition going back to the late Ottoman period, debates in present-day Turkey on the role of culture and civilisation in world politics, and the relationship between modernity and Islam, are vibrant and ongoing. The lecture, drawing on the findings of a research project funded by the British Academy, will attempt to move beyond the political maelstrom and focus on the ideas of individual thinkers and intellectual trends in relative isolation. Read more>>
Watch lecture online >>

Keywords: Modern Turkey (1923-today), Intellectual History, Conservatve Political Thought

Living in Luxury/ Terrace House 2 in Ephesos

By Dr. Sabine Ladstätter.
ANKARA | Turco-British Association
22 March 2016

The event was supported by the Austrian Embassy

Terrace House 2 is a ca. 4,000 m² insula lying directly in the Roman city centre of Ephesus. Due to its exceptional state of preservation the complex counts amongst the most scientifically important and moreover most remarkable monuments of its type. The special state of preservation results in the fact that the structure not only allows a classification and analysis based on ground plan, chronology and history of style, but also represents an almost inexhaustible source for the material culture of the Roman period, for multiple analyses in the study of domestic architecture... Read more>>
Watch lecture online >>

Keywords: Archaeology, Roman Empire, Ephesos, Cultural Heritage Management

People’s Houses (Halk Evleri): Local negotiations of reform

By Dr. Alexandros Lamprou
Discussant: Prof.Dr. Elif Ekin Akşit

ANKARA | The Turkish-American Association
23 February 2016

Dr. Alexandros Lambrou presents research results from his recently published book (I.B Tauris 2015) that examines social change and state-society relations during the early republican period of Turkish history. Through the study of the 'People's Houses' (1932-1950), community centres the Republican People's Party operated in most cities and towns, the book looks at how ordinary people experienced and negotiated the reforms… Read more>>
Watch lecture online >>

Keywords: Modern Turkish History, Single Party Period, Reforms

BIAA LECTURE | Sir Alfred Biliotti and the end of Ottoman Crete, 1885–1899 | By David Barchard
LONDON | The British Academy
03 February 2016

The end of Ottoman Crete was marked by a bloody conflict between its Christian and Muslim populations, resolved by 18 months of international rule, the transfer of the island from Ottoman rule to a form of autonomy and the departure… Read more>>
Watch lecture recording >>

Keywords: Ottoman History, Crete

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INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Palaeolithic Research in the Armenian Highlands and Anatolia
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Tuesday October 20, 2015  
Supported by the BIAA

At the intersection of Eurasia and Africa, the Armenian Highlands and Anatolia together represent a pivotal area for the study of Pleistocene hominin technology, population dynamics, and dispersals. This workshop brought together, for the first time, local and multi-national researchers working on the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic within the focus area, providing  the opportunity to share current and on-going research on geology, technology, and behaviour throughout its varied topographies and habitats. The workshop was organised by Dr. Phil Glauberman, and supported by a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme, Middle East Technical University, and the British Institute at Ankara. Download programme & abstracts in PDF here>>

Keywords: Archaeology, Palaeolithic, Anatolia & the Armenian Highlands, Methodology

BIAA PANEL | Turkey and the UK: Their Policies towards the EU after their General Elections 
British Academy, London, June 15th 2015

The panel discussion featured Hikmet Çetin (Former deputy prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs), Jack Straw  (British Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary), Quentin Peel (senior fellow at The Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs (Chatham House), Soli Özel (Senior Lecturer in international relations at Istanbul Kadir Has University).
Listen to panel recording>>

Keywords: Politics, elections, political parties, contemporary Turkey, the UK

WORKSHOP | Turkish Studies in the UK
London, 14 May 2015

An one-day roundtable/workshop inspired by the need to take stock of the state of play in the field of Turkish studies in the UK in the humanities and social sciences. The aim of the meeting was to facilitate an informal exchange among British-based scholars associated with different institutions and disciplines in the Social Sciences and the Humanities in order to identify the community's academic needs and to brainstorm about possible modes of networking and organization... see more>>

Keywords: Social Sciences & Humanities on Turkey, Education & reserach, Knowledge Networks

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Techniques and Applications for Portable X-Ray Fluorescence in Archaeology
Kaman, Turkey. 8 May 2015
A BIAA event co-organised with the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology.

The aim of this workshop was to offer researchers engaged in archaeology and museum studies the opportunity to present and discuss various aspects of XRF with respect to their applications in non-destructive analysis of archaeological materials. The workshops was a chance for those already using various XRF techniques to discuss their own approaches and how these may be improved or adapted. Additionally it offered the opportunity to those students and professionals with an interest in, but limited/no experience of XRF to see the methods in action in a laboratory environment, as demonstrated by experienced professionals.... see more>>

Keywords: Archaeology & Science, Ceramics, PXRF analyis

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Peace processes and durable solution to displacement
BIAA building, Ankara, April 17-19 2015

Co-organised by the BIAA

Workshop organised at the BIAA in partnership with the University of Kent and Saint Mary’s University. The event brought together academics and practitioners to discuss comparative cases of forced displacement and strategies to support victim groups in protracted conflicts aiming to challenge conventional assumptions as to the irreversibility of displacement and/or the absence of solutions to protracted conflicts. Key note speaker: Dr Meera Seethi, the Chief of Mission of the International Organisation for Migration in Turkey. Read more>>

Keywords: Politics, war, civil war and internal discpacement, peace & conflict resolution, contemporary Turkey, Cyprus

BIAA INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | Dark Histories: nighttime and nightlife in the Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Mediterranean
BIAA Building, Ankara, April 10 2015

The nocturnal rhythms of the eastern Mediterranean city have been in turn celebrated and reviled by residents and outsiders alike, but rarely have they received major scholarly attention. From the 1870s, new hotels, bars, theatres, cinemas, and brothels linked by a spreading network of gas- and electric-lit streets served a growing tourist, commercial, and local clientele and provided the components of a globally familiar nightlife economy and culture. [...] The workshop brought together developing research on the contestation of this changing urban nightlife economy and culture in the eastern Mediterranean.
A BIAA workshop organised by Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal (BIAA Fellow 2014-5)
Visit the workhsop website for programme, abstracts and photos>>

Keywords: Ottoman History, early republican history, micro-history, cultural history

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE | Cyprus and Turkey Regional Stability and Peace, USAK, Ankara, February 27-28t 2015
Supported by the BIAA

Organised by Cyprus Academic Dialogue in collaboration with USAK, the Australian High Commission in Nicosia,
 University of Kent, the BIAA and other international institutions this flagship event focused on the prospects of reconciliation and stability in Cyprus. It focused on alternative visions for the future by leading policymakers, raising awareness for a peaceful and sustainable solution to the Cyprus question and on a proposal for confidence-building measures put forward by members of the Cyprus Academic Dialogue. Main speakers were Mr George Papandreou, Former Prime Minister of Greece and President of Socialist International and Mr Hikmet Çetin, Spokesperson of Turkish Parliament and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Read more>>

Keywords: Politics, Conflict resolution & Transformation, Peace, contemporary Turkey, Cyprus

BIAA PANEL DISCUSSION | The Middle East in Crisis: How Turkey is affected and what role can it play? The British Academy London, 12 February 2015

A panel discussion in London with Yaşar Yakış, a former Foreign Minister of Turkey, Rosemary Hollis, Professor of Middle East Policy Studies at City University, and John Peet, Europe Editor of The Economist, chaired by Sir David Logan (chairman of the BIAA). The panel examines the bloody emergence of the Islamic State, the violence and instability in Syria and Iraq, and the risks to the stability of Kurdistan and asks how Turkey can manage these threats to its own security and how it can play a role in re-establishing peace and stability in the Middle East. 
Listen to panel recording>>

Keywords: Politics, international relations, contemporary Turkey, the Middle East


Cultural Routes in Turkey: The Phrygian Way
by Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sarı

Turco-British Association. Ankara 9 December 2015 

in this talk Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sarı briefly introduced the cultural routes in Turkey and talked in detail about the Phrygian Way and the inspiration for establishing it. The Phrygian Way, one of the long-distance walking and cycling routes in Turkey was made for trekkers and cyclists to explore not only the beauty of the Phrygian Valleys through which it passes, but also the countless Phrygian, Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk monuments and traces.

Keywords: Cultural management, cultural heritage, Central Turkey

Social Media in South-East Turkey: Continuities and Transformations
by Dr. Elisabetta Costa (BIAA fellow 2015-6)

The Turkish-American Association. Ankara, 2 December 2015 

Dr Elisabetta Costa, BIAA fellow 2015-6, presents the results of 15 months of ethnographic research on the effects of social media in Mardin, which is published by UCL Press in her  book, Social Media in South-East Turkey: love, kinship and politics. The lecture describes the social change brought by social media not as a linear and uniform process… see more >>  
Watch lecture recording >>

Keywords: Social media, private-public, Popular Anthropology, contemporary Turkey.

Experimental Archaeology: Production Processes of the Urartian Red Polished Pottery 
by Dr. Atilla Batmaz (Ege University) 
Turco-British Association. Ankara 26 November 2015 

Dr Batmaz discusses “Urartian Palace Ware” and more specifically chases the secrets of the Urartian red slipped, shiny pottery by analysing experiments to reproduce it in the light of the local traditional methods of pottery making in Bardakçı Village/Van-Eastern Anatolia. see more>>

Watch lecture recording >>

Keywords: Archaeology, Pottery, Cultural Heritage

BIAA LECTURE | Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Seductress 
by Bettany Hughes

LONDON, The British Academy
17 November 2015

In this lecture, following a decade of research Bettany Hughes explores the figure of Helen of Troy in her cultural, literary and historical guises. The ‘World’s Desire’ has been a constant presence in the human imagination for 27 centuries. Hughes charts those points in the archaeological record where fact and fiction graze. A unique exploration of both historical landscapes and ideas about what it is to be human. 
Watch lecture recording>>

Keywords: Archaeology, Troy, Cultural History, 

BIAA LECTURE East of Asia Minor. Rome's Hidden Frontier 
by Tim Mitford

LONDON | The British Academy
September 24, 2015.

Isolated by wars, instability, sensitivities about Armenians, Greeks and Kurds, language, and wild, remote mountains accessible only on horseback or on foot, Rome’s remotest frontier ran across eastern Turkey to the Black Sea. This illustrated lecture presents the monumental evidence: fortresses and forts linked by strategic roads, bridges, glimpses of watch and signalling systems, with inscriptions, sighted coins, and navigation of the Euphrates itself A BIAA lecture organised in association with the Roman Society. 
Watch lecture recording>>

Keywords: Archaeology, Roman Empire, Ancient Frontiers, Asia Minor

O.GURNEY MEMORIAL LECTURE | Exploring the early history of British archaeology in Turkey and Syria
by Dr Nicolò Marchetti 

LONDON | British Academy, London
16 April 2015

Renowned archaeologist Nicolò Marchetti, showcases new evidence from British archaeologists between 1876 and 1920 from the excavation site at Karkemish between Turkey and Syria. In this lecture, Professor Marchetti presents the archival research which has helped frame archaeological activities within the wider policies of their time. 
Watch lecture recording>>

Keywords: British Archaeology in Turkey, History of Archaeology, Turkey & Syria

Book presentation | The Reports of the Last British Consul in Trabzon, 1949-1956
by Christopher Harris

The Turkish-American Association, Ankara 19 October 2015
co-organised with the TAA

Keywords: Contemporary Turkey, diplomatic history, microhistory.

The Ancient Cityscape in Virtual Reality seen through the Oculus Rift and the distorted Lens of the Modern Observer 
by Simon Young (University of Melbourne), Endeavor Scholar. 

Turco-British Association, 21st May 2015


Keywords: Archaeology, virtual reality, cultural heritage

Among the Pine Trees: The activities of the joint Georgian-British-Georgian expedition to Pichvnari, 1998-2010
by Professor Emeritus Michael Vickers (Oxford University)

Turco-British Association,  Ankara, 5 May 2015 

Listen to lecture>>

Keywords: Archaeology, history of Archaeology, Georgian-British archaeological collaboration

Seeking People-Based Solutions to Sustainability in Heritage Practice: Aktopraklık and Çatalhöyük 
by Caitlin Curtis 

Turco-British Association, April 30 2015


Keywords: Cultural management, cultural heritage, Archaeology, Çatalhöyük

Byzantium between Athens and Sparta in Xenophon towards the close of the 5th century BC 
by Dr Shane Brennan (Mardin Artuklu Üniversitesi)
Turco-British Association,  April 2, 2015 
see print version>>  

Keywords: Byzantine Archaeology, Xenophon, 5th Century BC, Athens

Some Chains are stronger than others:
Migrations from Emirdağ reconsidered

by Jak den Exter
Turco-British Association, 17 April 2015 
Listen to lecture>>

Keywords: Contemporary migration, migrant flows, cultural identities, contemporary Turkey

An Isotopic Analysis of Dietary Habits in Early Bronze Age Anatolia: Preliminary Results,
by Benjamin Irvine
Turco-British Association, 5 March 2015


Keywords: Archaeology, isotopic analysis, Early Bronze Age, Anatolia

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Contemporary Mobility & Changing Stereotypes in the Balkans

École française d’Athènes in Athens, December 4th-5th 2014
Part of the BIAA-BSA-EFA project: ‘Balkan Futures'

The third and final Balkan Futures workshop, ‘Contemporary mobility and changing stereotypes in the Balkans’, addressed the problems of collective selfhood and otherness in the contemporary Balkan region. Contributors tackled issues relating to the regional reformulation of images and stereotypes of neighbouring nations and of the ‘West’ since the opening of national borders in the 1990s. In that sense, some of the questions in this discussion reflected on how traditional images have been overcome, modified or reaffirmed and how new encounters and transnational currents of migration from the Balkans to Europe have modified the image of Europe. 

Public Archaeology and Theoretical Approaches and Current Practices in Turkey 
Istanbul, October 30th-31st 2014

Part of the BIAA Cultural Heritage management project

The British Institute organised the workshop “Public Archaeology: Theoretical Approaches and Current Practices in Turkey” workshop on 30-31 October 2014 at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations.  While the main theme was public archaeology, it also aimed to analyze the theoretical evolution of the subject and how it is being practiced by referring to different examples from Turkey and elsewhere. The concept of public archaeology was discussed around the following four themes with the participation of distinguished scholars from Turkey, the UK, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Malta and the USA: 1. Theoretical Approaches and General Framework for Public Archaeology.  2. Investigation of Public Perception in Public Archaeology: Methods and Cases.  3. Communicating Archaeology: Site Management and Tourism Aspect and 4. Turkey Case: Community Archaeology Projects and Local Perception of Archaeology.

in motion: movements, crossing and transfers in Turkey

NiHA, Ankara, September 26th-27th 2014

Part of the BIAA project: ‘divisions, connection and movement'

‘In Motion’ opened a cross-disciplinary dialogue between Archaeology and Archaeology-related disciplines, History, Political Science, Sociology and Social Anthropology to explore diverse itineraries across temporal, geographical and cultural borders in Turkey. Turkey was approached in its widest and most stretched sense connoting both the modern state/nation/society, as a place imagined from different viewpoints, and also the space/territory/land marked by the traces of pre- and proto-historic, Classical, Byzantine, Ottoman or contemporary histories. Researchers from both Turkish and international institutions presentws recent and unpublished work on a variety of themes relating to the conditions and regimes that facilitated, permitted and enforced the movement of people, things and ideas.

INTERNATIONAL FORUM | European-Turkey Media Exchange 
Bilgi University, Istanbul, May 10th-11th 2014
Supported by the BIAA

The forum gathered together 30 participants, including a broad range of senior Turkish and European journalists, broadcasters, and policy experts. It examined how recent political developments have affected the media landscape, the regulatory environment including the relationship between media and business, and the impact of social and digital media on the traditional media.

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP | The State in the Balkans: Public Service Institutions, their Development and Role
The British School in Athens in Athens, March 6-7 2014

Part of the BIAA-BSA-EFA project: ‘Balkan Futures'

This workshop, the second milestone in the joint Balkan Futures research programme of the British School at Athens, the British Institute at Ankara, and the École française d’Athènes, examined the nature and role of state and other public agencies across the Balkans. These include, inter alia, public institutions that deliver healthcare, education, and welfare services, as well as financial agencies. In a context of changing citizen expectations of what states are for, the workshop will examine the historical factors behind the present form and operation of agencies, and the challenges to be met. 

Pathways of Communication: Roads and Routes in Anatolia from prehistory to Seljuk times

Ankara University, Dil Tarih, March 20 - 22, 2014

Part of the BIAA project: ‘divisions, connection and movement

Bringing together a vast array of archaeology-realated disciplines and data generated by a variety of methods, this 3-day coference aimed to transcend the present fragmentation of knowledge and to create a new level of understanding of connecting road and route systems in Anatolia throughout time. Such an understanding can clarify the mechanisms of exchange and the spread of cultural traits, and contribute to developing a human geography of Anatolia. Better understanding of these matters can also enable ancient sites to be studied within the context of their wider network of relations, and as locations in a social and cultural landscape, rather than simple dots on an otherwise featureless map.  


Boncuklu: Spread of Farming in Central Anatolia and the  Antecedents of Çatalhöyük,
a BIAA lecture given by Professor Douglas Baird in Ankara, 10 December 2014, for more information click here

From Imperial Capital to global City: Transformations of Istanbul 1914-2014,
BIAA annual lecture given by Professor Erik-Jan Zürcher in London, 4 December 2014 Listen>>

The Role, Position and Agency of Cusp States in International Relations,
book launch and panel presentation in Ankara, 27 November 2014, for more information click here

Ottoman Achievements Illustrated in Manuscripts Attributed to Matrakçı Nasuh,
a BIAA lecture given by Professor Zeynep Yürekli-Görkay in Ankara, 26 November 2014, for more information click here

Turkey and Politics of national identity,
book launch of first BIAA/ I.B. Tauris volume in Ankara, 14 November 2014, for more information click here - for lecture by Professor Emeritus Baskin Oran for launch Listen>>

The Ionian Cities: Myth, Migration and the Origins of Anatolian Settlement,
a BIAA lecture given by Dr Naoise Mac Sweeney in London, 14 May 2014 Listen>>

Art and War: Art, Identity and the Economy at Xanthos in the Persian War Period,
a BIAA lecture given by Dr Catherine Draycott, 14 May 2014 Listen>>

Turkey between two elections,
BIAA-TAA-NIHA lecture given by Prof Ersin Kalaycıoğlu in Ankara, 29 April 2014 Listen>>

The World of Finance from an anthropological Perspective,
a NIHA-BIAA lecture given by Joris Luyvendijk in Ankara, 3 April 2014 

Mortuary Practices in Medieval Byzantine Anatolia,
BIAA lecture given by Dr Sophie Moore in Ankara, 13 March 2014

The Making of the Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean from the Beginning until the Emergence of the Classical World,
BIAA lecture given by Professor Cyprian Broodbank in Ankara, 19 February 2014

Turkey in an election year: What does the future hold for the AKP Government? 
A BIAA discussion panel which featured Prof. Ali Çarkoğlu, Mr Bill Park, Mr John Peet, Sir David Logan (chair), at the British Academy, 6 February 2014 Listen>>

The Çaltılar Archaeological Project: Survey Results and Methodology,
BIAA lecture given by Dr Alan Greaves in Ankara, 23 January 2014

Imperial rulership and universal hierarchies in early Byzantine art,
BIAA lecture given by Dr Cecilia Olovsdotter in Ankara, 16 January 2014

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Bordered places and bounded times: reflexive approaches to understanding societies 

Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), June 4-5 2013

Part of the BIAA project: ‘divisions, connection and movement'

Boundaries are a powerful defining feature in human society, they can separate, unite and catalyze change, they are an area of conflict, of friendship and of trade. Theorizing the role of borders, both in the past and present, and understanding the role that they played and continue to play in the construction of social identity is important across a wide range of academic disciplines. Through this workshop we are encouraging interdisciplinary, mutually beneficial dialogue with a broad perspective on border and boundary studies with a special focus on Turkey.

Rethinking Turkey’s Current Role and Engagement in the Balkans workshop
USAK, 16-17 April 2013

Part of the BIAA-BSA-EFA project: ‘Balkan Futures'
[Event organised in collaboration with USAK]

Relatively little attention has been given to focus on Turkey’s engagement and role in the Balkan region of which it forms an important part, and with individual Balkan member states such as Greece. This is despite the fact that recent years have seen growing academic interest and a wealth of studies focusing on the relations of Turkey vis-à-vis its various neighborhoods as well as other regions of the world. This two-day workshop in April 2013 organized by the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) and International Strategic Research Center (USAK) seek to address this absence by focusing fully on the subject of Turkey’s role and engagement with the Balkan region in the 21st century. 


Alan Hall Memorial Lecture: The leopard changes its spots: recent work on societal change at Çatalhöyük, A BIAA lecture given by Professor Ian Hodder, December 10th 2013 Listen>>

Understanding the Problem of Gender-based Violence: Interventions with Syrian Refugees,
Joint BIAA-TAA-NIHA lecture given by Dr Leyla Welkin in Ankara, November 22nd 2013 Listen>>

The Enemy Within: Rome’s Frontier with Isauria between Konya and the Taurus Mountains,
BIAA lecture given by Professor Stephen Mitchell in Ankara, November 6th 2013

Modern Turkish Literature: Before and After Orhan Pamuk,
BIAA lecture given by Professor Maureen Freely in London, September 18th 2013  Listen>>

The Enemy Within: Rome’s Frontier with Isauria between Konya and the Taurus Mountains,
BIAA lecture given by Professor Stephen Mitchell in London, May 9th 2013  Listen>>

Archaeology and the State: Tracing the Problematic Aspects of Archaeological Governance and Formation of Identities in Archaeological Practice in Turkey,
BIAA lecture given by Pınar Özgüner in Ankara, May 2nd 2013

A tale of two assemblages: Neolithic beads from the sites of Pınarbașı and Boncuklu Höyük,
BIAA lecture given by Dr Emma Baysal in Ankara, April 18th 2013

Turkish-Greek Friendship and the Politics of Rapprochement: A genealogical approach,
BIAA-NIHA FIT lecture by Dr Leonidas Karakatsanis in Ankara, March 14th 2013  Listen>>

Turkey and the Challenge of the New Middle East,
BIAA discussion panel, which featured Yaşar Yakış, a former Foreign Minister of Turkey, Rosemary Hollis, Professor of Middle East Policy Studies at City University, and John Peet, Europe Editor of The Economist, held in London, January 31st 2013  Listen>>

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On the Cusp: States that Straddle, second workshop, held at Ca' Foscari University, Venice, October 6th 2012

On the Cusp: States that Straddle, held at Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), March 14th-16th 2012; for further information click here 

1st Anatolian Archaeobotany (ANAR) Workshop; held at the British Institute at Ankara, July 20th-21st 2012; for further information click here


Hatusha, the Capital City of Hittites: From an Anatolian Principality to an international Metropolis, BIAA lecture given by Dr Andreas Schachner in London, December 17th 2012  Listen>>

Recent work on the historical inscriptions of Oinoanda, BIAA lecture given by Dr Nicholas Milner in Ankara, December 12th 2012

Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey, joint BIAA-TAA-NIHA lecture given by Hugh Pope in Ankara, November 14th 2012

Turkey's evolving relationship with the Kurdish Regional Government of northern Iraq, BIAA lecture given by Bill Park in London, October 19th 2012

Islam beyond Extremes: A Muslim Call for Liberty, joint BIAA-TAA lecture given by Mustafa Akyol, February 23rd 2012  Listen >>

Changing Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World, BIAA lecture given by His Excellency Mr Ünal Ҫeviköz, the Ambassador of Turkey to the UK, January 26th 2012   Listen >>

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Ankara History of Childhood Workshop, held at Aldino Hotel, Ankara, 25th-26th March 2011


Allan Hall Memorial Lecture: Göbekli Tepe - The oldest Sanctuary in the World, BIAA lecture given by Professor Klaus Schmidt in London, December 2nd 2011

Kaman-Kalehöyük Excavations Who destroyed the city of the Assyrian Colonial Period?, a BIAA lecture given by Dr. Sachihiro Omura in Ankara, December 1st 2011

New Research on the Lycian Iron Age: The 2008-2010 Çaltılar Archaeological Project Survey, BIAA lecture given by Dr. Tamar Hodos in London, October 11th 2011  Listen >>

Still an angry Nation? Turkey's politics under scrutiny, BIAA lecture given by Kerem Öktem in London, June 23rd 2011  Listen >>