Heritage Turkey volume 7

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News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput
Turkey and Britain 1914–1952: from enemies to allies, Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
Upon the encounter of ‘politics’ and ‘culture’: rethinking the history of the Left in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus, Leonidas Karakatsanis
BIAA publications, Tamar Hodos

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Protection of cultural heritage in emergency situations, Lutgarde Vandeput
Safeguarding the archaeological assets of Turkey, Lutgarde Vandeput
Living amid the ruins, Işılay Gürsu
Cultural heritage management in southwestern  Asia Minor: on track!, Lutgarde Vandeput

Migration, minorities & regional identities
Forgotten borderlands: Guria and Adjara survey project, E.E. Intagliata & D. Naskidashvili
Ottoman archaeology in Bulgaria: current research and future prospects, Andrew Petersen
Football in Turkey, John McManus

Climate changes and the environment
Pleistocene environments of the Gediz valley: stable isotope signatures from travertines, Darrel Maddy
Woodland use and agricultural economies in Anatolia, Ceren Kabukcu
Bringing together stakeholders to identify major urban problems in Rize, Ender Peker

Habitat & settlement
Boncuklu: the spread of farming and the antecedents of Çatalhöyük, Douglas Baird
Ending 25 years of fieldwork at Çatalhöyük, Ian Hodder
Radical burial practice in the Uruk collapse, Brenna Hassett
The first field season of the Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project, Christoph Bachhuber & Michele Massa
Panormos 2017: intensive survey on the Milesian peninsula, Toby C. Wilkinson & Anja Slawisch
Sinop Kale Excavations 2017: Hellenistic fortifications and handmade pottery, Jane Rempel & Sue Sherratt
Aphrodisias in 2017, R.R.R. Smith