Heritage Turkey volume 6

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News & events
A letter from the Director, Lutgarde Vandeput
Past and future: remembering the BIAA’s history in 2016, William Lewis

Migration, minorities & regional identities
Dark times in Istanbul, Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
Armenian architect monopolies and the remaking of local identities in eastern Anatolia in the Hamidian period, Alyson Wharton
Mapping the contemporary circulation of old gold coins in Turkey, Samuel Williams

Religion & politics in historical perspective
Networks and crossroads: the geography of power in the fourth century AD, William Lewis
Turkey and Britain 1914–1952: From Enemies to Allies, Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal
Rethinking ‘radicalisation’ in regional and global politics, Marc Herzog & Leonidas Karakatsanis
Remembering displacement as a means of reconciliation? Towards a comparative approach, Leonidas Karakatsanis

Habitat & settlement  
Boncuklu: the spread of farming and the antecedents of Çatalhöyük, Douglas Baird
Ups and downs at Çatalhöyük 2016, Ian Hodder
Engaging the material and academic legacies of the first BIAA-led surveys in the Konya plain, Christoph Bachhuber & Michele Massa
The early stages of metallurgy and metal exchange in northwestern Turkey, Michele Massa
Sakçagözü in context: Garstang’s 1908–1911 excavations revisited, Ali Çifçi
Sinop Kale Excavations 2016, Jane Rempel & Sue Sherratt
New finds and new results at Aphrodisias in 2016, R.R.R. Smith
A Roman woman from Çatalhöyük, Sophie Moore & Michelle Gamble

Cultural heritage, society & economy
Monumental architecture, cultural heritage management and local perceptions of Aspendos, Lutgarde Vandeput & Işılay Gürsu
The Pisidia Heritage Trail, Işılay Gürsu
Ottoman towns in Bulgaria, Andrew Petersen