WORKSHOP: Techniques and Applications for Portable X-Ray Fluorescence in Archaeology

08 May 2015 10:00 to 20:00 | Kaman

Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, Bahçelievler Mahallesi, 40300

Workshop Coordinator: Dr Orlene McIlfatrick (BIAA Fellow 2014-5)

The aim of this workshop was to offer researchers engaged in archaeology and museum studies the opportunity to present and discuss various aspects of XRF with respect to their applications in non-destructive analysis of archaeological materials.

Organised by the BIAA in collaboration with the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, Kaman, Turkey

While XRF and its sub-disciplines are becoming more widely applied, most archaeologists are not aware of the full range of uses, possibilities and techniques which can be utilized, nor necessarily aware that it can be used on materials as diverse as paper, fibre and archaeological soils as well as the more well-known applications to obsidian, for example. The workshops was also a chance for those already using various XRF techniques to discuss their own approaches and how these may be improved or adapted. Additionally it offered the opportunity to those students and professionals with an interest in, but limited/no experience of XRF to see the methods in action in a laboratory environment, as demonstrated by experienced professionals. The aim was to cover case-studies of research conducted on as many material applications as possible; pottery, metals, fibre materials, organics, lithics etc. Using standard XRF, XRF Imaging, PXRF and Micro-XRF.

Workshop schedule

Travel by coach to Kaman

9.45am coffee and registration
10.30-10.50: Dr Mike Dobby, Bruker Elemental "fundamentals of XRF/PXRF and applications in archaeology"
10.50-11.10: Prof Izumi Nakai, Tokyo University of Science "On-site analysis of archaeological artefacts"
11.10-11.30: Orlene McIlfatrick, British Institute at Ankara "In at the Deep End: Starting out in PXRF: the archaeologist as PXRF analyst"
11.30-11.45 Q&A

11.45-12.00: 15 minute break

12.00- 12.20: Prof Thomas Zimmerman, Bilkent University (PXRF Analysis of Bronze - title to be confirmed)
12.20-12.40: Dr Stefano Spagni, Sapienza University of Rome "Interpretation of Heavy Element Trace patterns in Anatolian Prehistoric Copper Alloy artefacts"

12.40-1.00: Mr Atsuhisa Sekimoto Tokyo, University of Science "Heavy element analysis in ceramics"
1.00 - 1.15: Q&A

1.15- 2.15: lunch will be provided

2.15 -2.35: Clare Bedford, University of Central Lancashire "PXRF analysis of Chumash rock art pigments"
2.35-2.55: Robert H. Tykot, University of South Florida "Obsidian sourcing on the islands of the Mediterranean using PXRF" (By Skype)

2.55-3.10: Q&A

20 minutes break for comfort and relocation to the lab

3.30 -4.30 Hands-on Practical 1 - Dr Mike Dobby Bruker Tracer III-V instrument for portable analysis
4.30-5.30 Hands-on Practical 2 - Prof. Izumi Nakai Lab XRF and portable instruments at Kaman

Thanks and acknowledgements etc
Comfort break to freshen up, followed by a light meal before leaving for the journey back to Ankara.

Photos from the event

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