WORKSHOP: Palaeolithic Research in the Armenian Highlands and Anatolia

20 October 2015 09:00 to 17:00 | Ankara

Middle East Technical University, Yeni Bina, No.410, 06800

The workshop was organised by Philip Glauberman

This workshop brought together, for the first time, local and multi-national researchers working on the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic within the focus region giving the opportunity to share current and on-going research on technology and behaviour throughout the varied topographies and habitats.

At the intersection of Eurasia and Africa, the Armenian Highlands and Anatolia represent a pivotal region for the study of Pleistocene hominin technology, population dynamics, and dispersals.  The workshop was supported by the Middle East Technical University and the British Institute at Ankara. Download programme & abstracts in PDF here>>

Photos from the event

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