ONLINE WORKSHOP: Comparing Notes: Cultural Protection Fund Projects in Lebanon and Turkey

26 November 2021 13:00 to 16:00 | Online

The seminar will be held via Zoom, please register for details, thank you.

A virtual workshop organized by the BIAA as part of the SARAA Project.

Friday 26 November 2021 | 10:00-13:00 (London UTC+0) | 12:00-15:00 (Beirut UTC+2) | 13:00-16:00 (Ankara UTC+3)

The BIAA-led Cultural Protection Fund Project 'Safeguarding and Rescuing Archaeological Assets' is organizing a virtual event during which representatives of 13 ongoing and former CPF-funded projects in Lebanon and Turkey will briefly present their projects to enhance knowledge exchange and share best practices with stakeholders – including policy makers, NGOs, university departments, research institutes and others operating in the field of cultural heritage – in both countries. 

Programme (download pdf version here)

10:00-10:10 UK/11:00-11:10 CH/12:00-12:10 LB/13:00-13:10 TR


- Lutgarde Vandeput
(Director of the BIAA and Director of the SARAT & SARAA Projects)

- Daniel Head (British Council Cultural Protection Fund)

Part I--Living Heritage, Traditions and Communities

10:10-10:25 UK/11:10-11:25 CH/12:10-12:25 LB/13:10-13:25 TR

• Cultural Corridors of Peace-Lebanon I

Cultural Corridors of Peace II

Lead Institution: INHERIT-York Archaeological Trust Partner: American University in Beirut
Speakers: Aphrodite Sorotou & Nour El Houda Amber

10:25-10:35 UK/11:25-11:35 CH/12:25-12:35 LB/13:25-13:35 TR

• Youth-led Approach to Preserving Lebanese Cultural Heritage-Lebanon Lead Institution: Search for Common Ground
Partners: NAHNOO, Biladi, Arc-En-Ciel
Speaker: Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly

10:35-10:50 UK/11:35-11:50 CH/12:35-12:50 LB/13:35-13:50 TR

• Action for Hope: Music Schools-Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

Traditional Music & Conflict, Syria

Lead Institution: Action for Hope
Partners old: Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere, The Aga Khan Music Initiative
Partners new: Ettijahat Independent Culture, Book Forum,
The Aga Khan Music Initiative
Speaker: Basma El Husseiny

10:50-11:00 UK/11:50-12:00 CH/12:50-13:00 LB/13:50-14:00 TR

• Swansea City Opera Lebanon Heritage Project-Lebanon
Lead Institution:
Swansea City Opera
Partners: Dreams of Refugee Association, American University in Beirut, Social Humanitarian Economical Intervention for Local Development
Speaker: Richard Newton

11:00-11:10 UK/12:00-12:10 CH/13:00-13:10 LB/14:00-14:10 TR

• Protecting Intangible Heritage in the Upper Tigris Valley-Turkey Lead Institution: Tarih Vakfı (The History Foundation)
Partners: Tigris Development Agency (Turkey), Mardin Museum Speaker: Esra Ekşi Balcı

11:10-11:15 UK/12:10-12:15 CH/13:10-13:15 LB/14:10-14:15 TR

Q&A for Part I


Part II--Built Heritage, Conservation, Training

11:15-11:35 UK/12:15-12:35 CH/13:15-13:35 LB/14:15-14:35 TR

• Dome Houses from Syria: Protection of an Endangered Cultural Heritage-Lebanon, Syria

Training in Restoration Techniques for Traditional Houses, Beirut

Lead Institution: Arc-En-Ciel (Lebanon)
Partners: Europen Institute of Cooperation and Development (IECD, France),
Beirut Heritage Initiative (BHI, Lebanon), Director General of Antiquities (DGA, Lebanon) Speaker: Hoda Kassatly

11:35-11:45 UK/12:35-12:45 CH/13:35-13:45 LB/14:35-14:45 TR

• Preserving the Historic Homes of Displaced Communities in Lebanon-Lebanon Lead Institution: UN-Habitat
Partners: The Azm and Saade Association (ASA)
The Development of People and Nature Association (DPNA)

Speakers: Mohamed Eldheiby & Mazen Mhfouz

11:45-11:55 UK/12:45-12:55 CH/13:45-13:55 LB/14:45-14:55 TR

• Syrian Stonemasonry Training Scheme-Jordan, Syria
Syrian stonemasonry training in Lebanon (for Lebanese &Syrians)
Lead Institution:
World Monuments Fund Britain and Petra National Trust Partners: National Heritage Training Group, University of Oxford
Speaker: John Darlington

11:55-12:05 UK/12:55-13:05 CH/13:55-14:05 LB/14:55-15:05 TR

• KORU: Heritage Skills for Peace and Capacity Building-Turkey
Lead Institution:
Edinburgh World Heritage UK)
Partners: Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD-Turkey) Speaker: Çağla Parlak

12:05-12:10 UK/13:05-13:10 CH/14:05-14:10 LB/15:05-15:10 TR

Q&A for Part II


Part III--Archaeology, Conservation, Training

12:10-12:20 UK/13:10-13:20 CH/14:10-14:20 LB/15:10-15:20 TR

• Carved in Stone-Turkey
Lead Institution:
University of Liverpool
Partners: Fethiye Turizm Tanıtım Kültür Çevre ve Eğitim Vakfı (FETAV), Mediterranean Civilizations Research Institute (MCIR), Akdeniz University-Antalya,
Department of Archaeology Hacettepe University, Ankara
Speaker: Alan M. Greaves

12:20-12:30 UK/13:20-13:30 CH/14:20-14:30 LB/15:20-15:30 TR

• Scientific Assistance for the Valorisation of Mengez Megalithic Sites-Lebanon
Lead Institution: University of Geneva
Partners: Municipality of Mengez (Akkar, Lebanon), Museum of Lebanese Prehistory-University Saint- Joseph, Chateau-Musee de Prehistoire (France), Directorate General of Antiquities Lebanon
Speaker: Tara Steimer

12:30-12:45 UK/13:30-13:45 CH/14:30-14:45 LB/15:30-15:45 TR

• EAMENA: Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology-Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq
EAMENA Knowledge Transfer & National Heritage Databases for Middle Eastern Partners Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lebanon & Syria

Lead Institution: University of Oxford
Partners old: Durham University, Leicester University, Directorate General of Antiquities Directorates Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, and Iraq
Partners new: University of Durham (UK); Department of Antiquities of Jordan, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (Occupied Palestinian Territories); General Directorate of Antiquities (Lebanon).
Speakers: Kristen Hopper & Sayantani Neogi

12:45-13:00 UK/13:45-14:00 CH/14:45-15:00 LB/15:45-16:00 TR

• SARAT: Safeguarding Archaeological Assets of Turkey-Turkey

Safeguarding & Rescuing Archaeological Assets (SARAA), Lebanon

Lead Institution: British Institute at Ankara
Partners old: Koç University ANAMED (Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations), ICOM UK
Partner new: Biladi, Lebanon
Speakers: Gül Pulhan & Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly

Q&A for Part III

Closing by Lutgarde Vandeput


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