LECTURE: People’s Houses (Halk Evleri): Local negotiations of reform

25 February 2016 19:00 to 21:00 | Ankara

The Turkish American Association, Cinah cad. 20, 06690

A lecture & Book launch by Dr. Alekos Lamprou 

Dr. Alexandros Lambrou presented research results from his recently published book (I.B Tauris 2015) that examines social change and state-society relations during the early republican period of Turkish history.

Through the study of the 'People's Houses' (1932-1950), community centres the Republican People's Party operated in most cities and towns, the book looks at how ordinary people experienced and negotiated the reforms and how this process contributed to the shaping of social identities. The book moves away from a traditional state-oriented approach that saw the early republican state as the prime if not sole instigator of change. Instead it shifts our attention to the population's participation in the process of reform.

Prof.Dr. Elif Ekin Akşit Vural (Ankara University) will offer her commentary as a discussant.

Dr. Alexandros Lamprou teaches in the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Ankara University. He has formerly taught Turkish history at the University of Crete and holds a PhD from the University of Leiden. His research interests include letter and petition-writing and state-society relations during the Early Republican Period in Turkey. He is currently working on Greek refugees to Turkey during WW II.

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