LECTURE: Greeks and Turks at the end of the Ottoman Empire: What does Foça's micro history tell us?

07 March 2018 19:00 to 21:00 | Ankara

The British Institute at Ankara, Tahran caddesi 24, 06700

A BIAA Lecture by Emre Erol (Assistant Professor, Sabancι University)

Discussant: Oktay Özel (Assistant Professor, Bilkent University)

Summary of Event: Slightly more than a hundred years ago, peoples from different ethnicities, religions and linguistic groups lived together in the rather cosmopolitan port towns and cities of the Eastern Mediterranean. The Ottoman county of Foçateyn, or modern day Foça, with its two economically and demographically expanding port towns, was among the principal examples of this late-ottoman socio-cultural diversity in the region. The transition from the empire to the nation state during the first decade of the 20th century radically transformed such places. This talk focuses on the micro history of these transitions that took place in Foça and tries to relate them to the larger global histories of transformation and change.              

A BIAA talk part of the 2018 BIAA lecture series on Ottoman and Republican History.

Dr. Emre Erol is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Sabancı University. He completed his Ph.D. at Leiden University’s School of Middle Eastern Studies, where he also worked between 2009-2016. He holds and an M.A in history and a B.A. in political science Sabancı University. His book titled The Ottoman Crisis in Western Anatolia  / Turkey’s Belle Époque and the Transition to a Modern Nation State was published by I.B. Tauris in 2016.

Dr. Oktay Özel is Assistant Professor at Bilkent University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of  Manchester, U.K., in 1993. Before joining Bilkent he worked as an Assistant Professor at Hacettepe University. His research area is Ottoman social and economic history with particular emphasis on historical geography, demographic changes, and migration. His most recent book “The Collapse of Rural Order in Ottoman Anatolia,” was published from Brill Publishing in 2016. Other published works include “Dün Sancısı” (Tarih Vakfı, 2012) and “Türkiye 1643: Goşa’nın Gözleri” (İletişim, 2013).

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