Dr Marc Herzog

Marc Herzog received his PhD degree from Exeter University in 2011. He is currently an Honorary Research Fellow of the BIAA. He was the BIAA’s Assistant Director from 2011 to 2015 and now works as an aid professional in the humanitarian Syria response. 

His academic background is as a political scientist and comparative specialist on issues of governance, political development, international relations and democratization with a regional focus on the eastern Mediterranean.

His research and writings also focused on themes such as politics of memory, political Islam and party politics, contemporary social movements, and humanitarian aid. His current interest is on the history of cross-border humanitarian assistance.


  • PhD in Political Science, Exeter University (2012)
  • Msc in Politics by ResearchUniversity of Edinburgh (2006)
  • Msc in International & European PoliticsUniversity of Edinburgh (2005)
  • BA hons in Journalism Studies, Edinburgh Napier University (2004)


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Herzog, M. (2010) ‘New embrace for a spurned lover’, House Magazine of the British Parliament, 1349 (36), p.37


ALNAP - (member)  

BIAA - British Institute at Ankara (member) 

Contact Details

Email: marc.Herzog@biaa.ac.uk

Telephone: 00 90 312 427 54 87 

Address: The British Institute at Ankara
Atatürk Bulvarı 154, Çankaya, Ankara TR-06690, Turkey 

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