Dr Ender Peker

Ender Peker is an urbanist specialising in climate responsive urban design, in particular the ways in which the built environment is co-produced by technical rules, regulations and codes that seek to order urban life in deference to inhabitants’ socio-ecologic values.

Ender holds a PhD from University of Reading, UK. His PhD research entitled “Provision of Urban Thermal Comfort: A Socio-Technical Approach to Climate Responsive Urban Design”, developed a design approach that integrates the technical knowledge regarding climate sensitivity with the social knowledge generated within and by local communities.    

His current research focuses on challenges of climate responsive urban development in the context of Black Sea Climate through a case study of Rize, a typical Black Sea city challenging with frequent urban flooding events.

Fields of Expertise: Climate Responsive Design, Urban Design, Socio-Technical Research


  • PhD, Real Estate and Planning, University of Reading, UK (2016)
  • MSc, Urban Design, Middle East Technical University, Turkey (2010)
  • BA, Economics, Anadolu (Open) University, Turkey (2011)
  • BA, City and Regional Planning, Middle East Technical University, Turkey (2007)

ERASMUS Exchange Student, University of Manchester, UK (2005) 

Professional Appointments

Teaching Assistant, Department of City and Regional Planning, METU, (2010-2014)

Visiting Research Scholar, Urban Design Group, Oxford Brookes University, UK (2011)

Urban Design Leader, ROMER Construction and Engineering Company (2009-2010)


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Conference Proceedings

  • Peker, E (2015) Translating Climatic Knowledge into Urban Development Practice via Climate-Responsive Urban Design, Beyond Special Circumstances: Turkey and Global Climate Change Politics, 16-17 April, Istanbul, TURKEY    
  • Peker, E (2015) Learning from Urban Heritage: Looking for clues of climate responsiveness in the vernacular urban pattern of Mardin, Turkey, 1st International Climate Change and Sustainable Heritage Conference, Graz, AUSTRIA  
  • Peker, E (2014) Re-evaluating the Notion of Public Sphere within the Rise of Cyberspace, 28th Annual AESOP CONGRESS, Utrecht, the NETHERLANDS  
  • Ataov, A., Peker, E., Cihanger, D. and Erkal. F (2014) Challenges and Solutions in Planning Education Ways of Collaboration? Round Table Session, 28th Annual AESOP CONGRESS, Utrecht, the NETHERLANDS  
  • Peker, E (2013) Integrating Socio-ecological Values into Climate Responsive Urban Design, 27th Annual AESOP CONGRESS, Dublin, IRELAND 
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  • Peker, E. (2012) Changing Energy-Based Consumption Patterns via creating climatically and socio-culturally responsive urban spaces, AESOP Young Academics Conference, Reading, ENGLAND 
  • Peker, E. (2011) How does campus open space design affect students’ learning experiences? International Open Space Conference, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND


  • The British institute at Ankara (member)
  • Young Academics Network of Association of European Schools of Planning (member)
  • Urban and Regional Research Network (member) 
  • Chamber of City Planners, Turkey (member)

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ender-peker-a26141ab