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The BIAA publishes scholarly monographs relating to the archaeology and history of Turkey, with a particular emphasis on publishing the results of Institute-funded research. BIAA monographs are distributed by Oxbow Books through whom orders should be made.

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Latest publication: Tille Höyük 3.2: The Iron Age: Pottery, Objects and Conclusions, Stuart Blaylock (2016)


Tille Höyük is one of the few Iron Age sites to have been excavated on the River Euphrates between Malatya and Carchemish on the Turco-Syrian border, at a crossing point on the west bank of the Euphrates, an area now almost entirely inundated by a series of dam schemes. It is the only one with a near-complete Iron Age stratigraphic sequence to be published in detail to date. The excavation revealed important architectural remains of the Early Iron Age, Neo-Hittite, Neo-Assyrian, and Achaemenid periods, spanning the eleventh to the fifth–fourth centuries BC. Tille 3.2 covers the material culture of Iron Age Tille and aims to draw lessons from the experience of rescue excavation in the context of a major dam scheme in a previously unexplored area of north Mesopotamia (with important implications for the archaeology and chronology of the region), and discusses the significance of the site in its local and regional context.


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