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Lecture recording of Tim Mitford's “East of Asia Minor. Rome's Hidden Frontier” now online

The recording of the BIAA lecture “East of Asia Minor. Rome's Hidden Frontier” by Tim Mitford given on 24 September 2015 in London is now available online at BIAA’s Youtube channel:

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Sacrifice Feast holiday closing announcement

The institute will be closed for the Sacrifice Feast (Bayram) following the officially announced public holiday dates from Saturday 19 September until Sunday 27 September 2015. The BIAA offices will be open again on Monday 28 September and the BIAA library will be accepting visitors from Tuesday 29 September in line with the winter visiting-hours schedule.

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Lecture audio of discussion panel - Turkey and the UK: Their Policies towards the EU after their General Elections

The panel included Hikmet Çetin (Former deputy prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs), Jack Straw  (British Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary), Quentin Peel (senior fellow at The Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs (Chatham House), Soli Özel (Senior Lecturer in international relations at İstanbul Kadir Has University). For the audio video please click here

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Library Closing Announcement

The Library will be completely closed to all members from Monday 15/06/2015 until Monday 20/07/2015 due to renovations in the building.

The Summer Closure of the library will extend from Monday 20/07/2015 to Tuesday 15/09/2015. During this period, access to the library is restricted to full members on the weekdays. The library will re-open on Tuesday 15/09/2015.

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BIAA lecture, Seeking People-Based Solutions to Sustainability in Heritage Practice: Aktopraklık and Çatalhöyük, Turkey

To be given by Caitlin Curtis on April 30th 2015 at the Turco-British Association at 7PM, for further details please click here

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BATAS 26th Spring Symposium

For details of the programme please click here

For the booking form please click here

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