Martin Harrison Memorial Fellowship Fund

The Martin Harrison Fellowship will not be awarded in 2016-17.  Please visit the website for the call for future applications.

Martin Harrison Memorial Fellowship

With funds donated in memory of the late Professor Martin Harrison, the University of Oxford has instituted a scheme of short-term Fellowships to enable Turkish scholars to come to the United Kingdom and Oxford for a period of research. The Fellowships are open to Turkish citizens (men and women) resident in Turkey who are working in any area of the material and visual culture of Anatolia, from the Prehistoric to the Ottoman period.

Applications are welcome from archaeologists and scholars in related fields such as epigraphy, numismatics, ancient history, and art history. Applicants should have completed two years of postgraduate research and be aged forty-five or younger. The Fellowships are intended for scholars from the docent, assistant and doctoral student levels.

Competence in speaking and writing English is necessary. The Fellowship is to support a stay of between four and thirteen weeks, and has a maximum value of £1,500. A return airfare to London will be provided by the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA).

The closing date for applications is 15 April 2015. Completed applications, including a curriculum vitae, should be sent to the BIAA at the below email address. Applications will then be forwarded to the University of Oxford.  Please click here for applicant information and application form.

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