BIAA Lecture: Negotiating cultural landscape(s): towards a management plan for Çaltılar Höyük

07 April 2016 19:00 to 21:00

A BIAA lecture by B. Nilgün Öz (BIAA-RCAC Fellow) held at the Turco British Association  - Türk İngiliz Kültür Derneği (Bestekar Sokak No. 32, Kavaklıdere, Ankara. Tel: 0312-4191844)

Researched by an international multi-disciplinary team, Çaltılar Höyük and its environs in the highlands of Fethiye, Muğla, are testament to millennia of continuous habitation. The höyük is located to the south of its namesake village made up of a yörük community that previously lived further to the north, on the slopes of Çaylaklı Tepe. Today this tangible cultural landscape is increasingly shaped by modern practices of seasonal migration, an abundance of greenhouses creating new livelihoods, and a seemingly uncontrollable proliferation of quarrying. Meanwhile, an intangible tradition of local stories persist, linking the höyük, a cave, and a spring in the village – collective memories that encourage a sense of belonging. Faced with these contested economic and cultural values this presentation aims to examine the site in its context and discuss the dilemmas and challenges for its holistic management.


B. Nilgün Öz is a conservation architect (METU BArch; METU MSc Historic Preservation) and has worked in the heritage conservation field on various projects across Turkey –including archaeological sites, World Heritage Sites and historic urban areas– for a number of organizations, including KA-BA Ltd, The Chamber of Architects of Turkey and METU. She has undertaken fieldwork at several excavations and surveys (including Magnesia, Nysa, Çaltılar Höyük, Yalburt, and Gre-Amer Höyük). In 2010-11, she was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool, UK. She is a PhD candidate at METU Historic Preservation Program. As the BIAA-RCAC fellow, she will focus on preparing a values-based and community-focused management plan for Çaltılar Höyük and its environs, a mound located in the Seydikemer district of Muğla Province. She is a member of a number of international heritage and archaeology organisations, including ICOMOS Turkey and the European Association of Archaeologists.

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