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Can you help us build replica Neolithic houses at Boncuklu brick by brick? We’re reconstructing this 10,000-year-old village to bring the ancient site to life, and we're helping young archaeologists to work as part of an international team.

Reconstructing the 10,000-year-old homes and gardens of Boncuklu, Turkey

Join us in a unique project that will help people discover more about life at the Neolithic settlement of Boncuklu and how farming and large-scale settlements spread into Europe. We're hoping to raise £30,000 so that we can bring the Neolthic homes and gardens of Boncuklu to life. Using the tools, materials and methods believed to have been used 10,000 years ago we plan to reconstruct the homes of Boncuklu and copy their ancient crop patterns.

Boncuklu 8,300 BC 'the place of beads'

'Boncuk’ in Turkish means ‘bead’, so ‘Boncuklu’ means ‘the place of beads’. This is due to the number of beads found over the site made of shell, bone and stone. This Neolithic village dates as far back as 8,300 BC, making it the likely ancestor of Çatalhöyük, the nearby UNESCO site and flagship project of the BIAA. Boncuklu’s villagers built oval-shaped mud-brick houses to live in, often on the footprint of an older house.

Building replica houses allows archaeologists to learn much about these ancient peoples’ skills, from making the mud bricks to fashioning tools from bone and stone to build the walls and roof. We can also learn more about the spread of farming through Anatolia into Europe by copying ancient planting and crop patterns. You can find out much more about this international project at

Can you help us to raise £30,000 to build these houses brick by brick? 

You can help to bring the Neolithic homes and gardens of Boncuklu to life by giving donation bricks. These are £30 each. Please select the number of mud-bricks you wish under 'Donate Now' below. Of course, any contribution you make will benefit the project and be greatly appreciated.

Please make your donation by completing the short form below, alternatively you can download and print the donation form here. Once complete please send a copy to, fax to +44 207 969 5401 or return to to The London Manager, The British Institute at Ankara, 10 Carlton House Terrace,  SW1Y 5AH

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