Dr Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal

Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal received his Ph.D from the University of Cambridge in 2014. His thesis, titled ‘Britain’s Levantine empire, 1914-1923', compared the principle cities of the eastern Mediterranean’s experience of Allied occupation during and after the First World War. His research interests include smuggling, prostitution, urban planning and governance, nightlife, cosmopolitanism, migration, imperialism and internationalism in the early twentieth century Ottoman and post-Ottoman Mediterranean. His current research project on 'Smuggling and the remaking of the eastern Mediterranean, 1912-1940’ examines the impact of the rise of national and international restrictions on the trade and consumption of narcotics on the social history of Istanbul and other port cities.


  • PhD in History - University of Cambridge, Faculty of History , Cambridge, UK (2014)
  • ΜPhil in Modern European History - University of Cambridge, Faculty of History, Cambridge, UK (2009)
  • BSc in International Relations and History - London School of Economics, Department of History, London, UK (2008)

Professional Appointments 

  • Research fellow of the project ‘From Enemies to Allies: Turkey and Britain, 1914-1952’ | The British Institute at Ankara – BIAA (October 2015 – present)
  • Post-doctoral Fellow | BIAA (September 2014 – August 2015)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant | Faculties of History and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge (October 2012 – June 2014)
  • Assistant editor at openDemocracy.net (June 2009 – September 2010)


Journal Articles

  • Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal, (2016) ‘‘Intoxication and imperialism: policing nightlife in occupied Istanbul, 1918-1923.’ Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East forthcoming.
  • Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal, (2016) ‘Sarhoşluk ve Emperyalizm.’ Toplumsal Tarih 269.
  • Daniel-Joseph MacArthur-Seal, (2013) ‘Intelligence and Lloyd George’s secret diplomacy in the Near East, 1920-1922.’ Historical Journal, 56:3.

Conferences, Workshop and Panels (organised or co-organised)

  • 2-day international workshop: ‘From Enemies to Allies: Turkey and Britain, 1914-1952’ Uluslararası Stratejik Araştırmalar Kurumu, Ankara, 1-2 April 2016
  • 1-day international workshop: ‘Dark histories: nighttime and nightlife in the Ottoman and post-Ottoman Mediterranean’, British Institute at Ankara, 10 April 2015.

Conference papers and seminars

    •    Trader/smuggler: Levantine commerce in opium in the eastern Mediterranean, 1900-1940’, to be presented at the conference The Levant & Europe: Shipping and Trade Networks of People and Knowledge’, 2-4 November 2016.

    •    Transregional Academy: Deframing the Mediterranean’, Institute of Mediterranean Studies, Rethymo, 19-29 September 2016.

    •    'Tracing the untraceable: smuggling and the writing of transnational history’, History Department research seminar, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 13 June 2016.

    •    ‘The pan-Asian pathways of “Oriental products”: navigating the prohibition of narcotics in Turkey, China, and Japan, 1918-1937’, presented at the conference, ‘Locating Turkey in Asia’, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 12 May 2015.

    •    ‘The international campaign to suppress narcotics and its discontents, 1919-1936’, presented at the conference ‘Subversive networks: actors of change in international organizations’, University of Heidelberg, 4-6 December 2014,

    •    ‘Managing and imagining migratory traffics on the Bosphorus, 1918-1923’, presented at the conference ‘In Motion: movements, crossings and borders in Turkey’, Netherlands Institute for Higher Education, Ankara, 26-27 September 2014

    •    ‘Punters and policemen: British soldiers and the First World War nightlife boom in Thessaloniki, Alexandria and Istanbul, 1914-1923’, presented at the conference ‘Not all quiet on the Ottoman fronts: neglected perspectives on a global war, 1914-1918’, Bilgi University, Istanbul, 9-12 Apr. 2014

    •    ‘Securing the Levantine city: threat, violence and martial law in Alexandria,     Thessaloniki, and Istanbul, 1914-1923’, presented at the violence and conflict workshop, University of Cambridge, 22 Oct. 2013

    •    ‘The militarisation of urban space: the British army and the Khartoum and Alexandria town plans, 1898-1919’, presented at the conference ‘colonial and post-colonial town planning in Africa’, University of Lisbon, 5-6 Sept. 2013 

    •    ‘Chronotopes in soldiers’ narratives of the eastern Mediterranean: the ship, the Levantine city, and the military camp’, presented at the conference ‘Levantine chronotopes’, University of Oslo, 2-3 Sept. 2013

    •    ‘First World War military itineraries and the re-imagining and remodelling of the Levantine city’, presented at the Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin, 27 June 2013

    •    ‘Military logistics and imagined geographies of the Mediterranean during the First World War’, presented at the research symposium ‘New perspectives on the First World War’, University of Cambridge, 14 May 2013

    •    ‘Reading the built environment’, presented at world history workshop roundtable on non-archival sources, University of Cambridge, 29 November 2012

     •    ‘The army in the city: British military governance in Alexandria and Salonica, 1914-22’, presented at the middle east history group, Universi- ty of Cambridge, 25 October 2011

    •    ‘The politics of nightlife in Alexandria and Constantinople, 1918-23’, presented at world history workshop, University of Cambridge, 10 February 2011


    •    The British Institute at Ankara

    •    Middle East Studies Association

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