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'Cyprus and Turkey Regional Stability and Peace', held at USAK, Ankara, February 27-28th 2015
The BIAA delighted to have been involved in organising the first high-profile, bi-communal workshop of its kind on conflict resolution and civil society to be held in Ankara (Former Greek Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreou and Former Turkish Foreign Minister Hikmet Çetin were keynote speakers.
BATAS annual John Martin lecture: Gallipoli from both sides of the trenches - January 30th 2015

Dr Eugene Rogan, Associate Professor of Modern Middle East History and Fellow of St Antony's, Oxford, will give the 2015 BATAS annual John Martin lecture: Gallipoli from both sides of the trenches - on January 30th at 5.30 for 6pm at the LSE, London.

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Audio for BIAA Panel 'The Middle East in Crisis - How Turkey is affected and what role it can play', February 12th 2015 - now available

This discussion panel featured: Yaşar Yakış, former Foreign Minister of Turkey; Rosemary Hollis, professor of Middle East Policy Studies at City University; John Peet, Europe editor at The Economist; Sir David Logan (Chair), UK Ambassador to Turkey 1997-2001

to access the YouTube audio click here


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Library and Collections

Visit the research resources of the British Institute at Ankara. Here you will find information about the Ankara Research Centre, library and collections, as well as online catalogues and databases.

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Polatlı Excavations

The Polatlı excavations were directed by Seton Lloyd and Nuri Gökçe in 1951.  The work comprised a new investigation into third and second millennium stratigraphy in Anatolia.